On September 9, 2017, Hurricane Irma, the strongest storm recorded in the Atlantic Ocean, directly hit Florida. With sustained winds of up to 165MPH, the category 4 storm was catastrophic. 

0003 Hurricane Irma Florida Keys 091217 (1).jpeg

Among other parts of FL, the Keys was an area that was almost entirely left devastated in the aftermath of the storm. Left without power several days after the storm, the hard work and long road to recovery began immediately once power was restored. 


Under a mandatory evacuation, FL Keys residents began coming back to see what devastation Irma had left in their homes. The results were unimaginable: homes completely destroyed, unsalvagable, and flooded with water, trees and debris scattered everywhere, missing parts of homes, roofs torn apart, boats and parts of homes and cars floating in the water, and the list goes on.


On September 30th, members of the Style Saves team visited the Keys to help clean up the community, still left struggling and in deep need after Irma. Most houses were devastated and many had lost everything they had. Our team will begin collecting donations and planning volunteer trips to help those families in need- we're better together!