Each year we organize multiple international volunteer trips to several different countries. Travel with a purpose and donate your time to a community in need. Whether it's helping to paint a classroom, handing out donations of much-needed clothes and shoes, or assisting with homework, you'll be making a difference in the lives of our most valuable resource- our children.


Havana, Cuba

On Wednesday, March 30th, a group of 21 volunteers, including artists, journalists, and communication experts, packed their bags and headed to Havana, Cuba with a mission to inspire and encourage young artistic minds. The trip, with stops at the Los Leopolditos orphanage and Academia de Ballas Artes San Alejandro, proved to be extremely rewarding for all participats, and has built insurmountable excitement for future Style Saves mission trips.


Medellin, Colombia

One of our give back initiatives took Style Saves overseas to Medellin, Colombia. Fellow Style Saves member Joseph Vega and Style Saves team went down to Colombia for a weekend, where we arranged a give back event at a small orphanage-  Casa Hogar Nazareth, in Santa Elena, a tiny, mountain top town on the East side of Medellin.


Esteli, Nicaragua

For seven days, three members of the Style Saves team have traveled to Estelí to work alongside the generous and struggling Saleisian sisters at El Centro Sor Maria Romero. Sor Anita, Sor Emilse and Sor Liliana are the devoted sisters that work day-to-day to maintain the progression and upkeep of their school and orphanage. Together, they provide free education to their students and a safe and loving living environment for them.


Want to go on a service trip with Style Saves? Email us for more information.